The story of CREEPER DEFEATER begins with how the revolutionary SKEETER WEEPER Smart Fogging System came to be.

From our founder:

To understand the passion behind CREEPER DEFEATER, we need to take a step back in time. It all started when I bought my first house and quickly realized the challenges of maintaining a mosquito-free outdoor space. Living in an area prone to mosquito infestations, I was constantly at odds with these pesky blood-suckers! After spending lots of time and money on every treatment method I could find, I was not happy with the result or the chemicals used around where people and pets lived.

This frustration led me on a long- not to mention expensive- journey of innovation and discovery. I was determined to create a solution that was not only effective but also affordable and easy! Above all, though, it had to be human and pet-friendly. I knew there had to be a better way to enjoy my outdoor space without constantly worrying about mosquito bites and exposure to harsh chemicals with unknown long-term impacts on humans and pets.

After months of research, experimentation, and testing countless prototypes, I developed our clever mosquito-repellent system. It's a total game-changer for anyone who wants to reclaim their outdoor areas naturally and without breaking the bank. The system uses innovative technology to provide long-lasting mosquito protection without the need for expensive and harmful chemicals or a time-consuming application.

What truly sets the SKEETER WEEPER Smart Fogging System apart is its commitment to safety, on-demand, easy application, and the amount of money saved in the long run. I wanted a solution that would be completely safe for both pets and humans and delivered straight to a customer's front door. We've achieved that by using an essential oil-based formula that includes Lemon Balm and Cedarwood Oil.

Now, there's no more worrying about toxic sprays or chemicals harming your loved ones or our environment. DEET and other chemicals are not pet-safe, and contrary to popular belief, citronella, peppermint, and other natural oils are only safe if carefully diluted, which limits their effectiveness in repelling mosquitoes.

At CREEPER DEFEATER, we are on a mission to provide eco-friendly, affordable, and highly effective pest control solutions. Our journey began with a simple desire to enjoy my backyard without mosquitoes' constant buzz and bite. Today, we want to create pest-free havens that are safe, enjoyable, and accessible to all.

Welcome to the future of pest deterrence!