The best fly trap for your outdoors.

Featuring a jumbo size trap with 100% natural bait, which lasts up to 3 months and says goodbye to up to 20,000 flies.

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FLYER GOODBYER™ Jumbo Natural-Bait Fly Trap

FLYER GOODBYER™ Jumbo Natural-Bait Fly Trap

🌿 Introducing FLYER GOODBYER: Your Ultimate Fly Control Solution!

Say Goodbye to annoying flies with our environmentally friendly and highly effective FLYER GOODBYER Jumbo Fly Trap. Designed with convenience in mind, this two-layer durable trap bag captures and holds up to 20,000 of the most prevalent species of flies.

 🍃 100% Natural Bait, No Chemical Pesticides:

No harm to beneficial insects like bees! Our FLYER GOODBYER features pure natural bait made from fish bone meal. It's an environmentally friendly solution that works- all while being free from pet-toxic pesticides.

 ⏰ Long-Lasting:

One jumbo trap bag lasts up to 3 months and comes with two bait bags, allowing you to enjoy continuous hassle-free fly control.

 🔗 Simple Setup & Disposal:

The natural attractant is cleverly contained within the bag, activating once water is added. Flies are lured in by the bait's scent and enter through the scientifically designed trap structure. Hang the trap outdoors in a suitable position, and let FLYER GOODBYER do the rest of the work. The flies are drawn away from your outdoor living areas, and once full, the entire trap can be entirely disposed of without creating a mess.

🌞 Choose the smart, natural, and effective solution for fly control. Make your outdoor spaces more enjoyable by ordering FLYER GOODBYER today and effortlessly wave goodbye to the annoyance and filth of dealing with flies!



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