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Personal-use Mosquito+ Spray (Two-Pack): SKEETER WEEPER™

Personal-use Mosquito+ Spray (Two-Pack): SKEETER WEEPER™

🍃 Introducing SKEETER WEEPER Personal Use Spray: Your Naturally Safe, Portable Mosquito+ Repellent! 

Elevate your outdoor experiences with SKEETER WEEPER Personal Use Spray, your go-to solution for on-the-go mosquito/insect defense. Crafted with care and only using natural ingredients, it's your personal shield against pesky mosquitoes and other bugs wherever your adventures take you.

✅ People-Approved Formula:
SKEETER WEEPER Personal Use Spray is designed with your safety in mind. Free from toxic ingredients- our formula features a harmonious blend of Lemon Balm and Cedarwood oils. Naturally occurring vitamin E oil is the sole preservative, ensuring a gentle yet potent defense against mosquitoes and more.

🌐 Portable Protection:
Empower yourself with the compact and convenient SKEETER WEEPER spray bottle, which fits seamlessly into your bag for on-the-go defense or right on your patio table to enjoy your own backyard. Ensure you're ready to repel mosquitoes and a wide array of other pesky bugs wherever your adventures take you!

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Q: Does SKEETER WEEPER poison & kill mosquitos?

A: SKEETER WEEPER is formulated specifically to repel a variety of pests, including mosquitos, wasps, ticks, fleas, and more. While it is possible that a small insect will die if sprayed directly, the
SKEETER WEEPER solution works to repel and deter pests from an area, not kill them.

Q: Is the 10% donation from SKEETER WEEPER profits ongoing, or is it for a limited time?

A: The 10% donation from SKEETER WEEPER profits is an
ongoing commitment to supporting the fight against mosquito-borne illnesses in
animals and humans, as well as other animal welfare causes.

Q: Are there any special storage instructions for SKEETER WEEPER Personal-use Mosquito+ Sprays?

A: Store SKEETER WEEPER Personal-use Mosquito+ Sprays in a cool and dry place, away from
direct sunlight, for optimal effectiveness.

Q: Can I ask you additional questions that I have or reach out for assistance with my SKEETER WEEPER purchase?

A: Absolutely! Contact our U.S. based customer service team anytime through the Contact Form on our website or by emailing
We are determined to do our very best to assist you as rapidly as possible!

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